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Super Spec HP® Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamel P22
This urethane alkyd enamel provides superior exterior gloss and color retention when compared to straight alkyds and epoxy esters. For use on properly prepared interior & exterior metal surfaces, such as metal buildings, fences, Bilco® doors, machinery, piping, cabinets, storage tanks and equipment. This rust preventative coating can be applied directly to ferrous metal or used in combination with a Benjamin Moore® metal primer.

Benjamin Moore® Super Spec HP® Polyamide Epoxy Metal Primer P33
This two component epoxy primer is formulated to protect clean or pretreated metal which is exposed to corrosive environments. This corrosion and chemical resistant primer can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. This epoxy primer provides the foundation necessary to support high performance epoxy or urethane top coat systems.

P06 Super Spec HP® Alkyd Metal Primer
Interior/Exterior primer for ferrous metal substrates such as structural steel, metal buildings, fences, equipment, stairs, railings, and general maintenance painting. Provides excellent long term corrosion control and outstanding adhesion properties. The ability to penetrate provides good performance over hand or power tool cleaned surfaces.  

Bonding Primer M15
Bonding Primer (M15) is a clear-blue primer, designed for aluminum and galvanized metal, is easy to apply, fast drying, and can be recoated quickly. This unique primer is designed with extremely tenacious adhesion, making it possible to achieve a tightly bonded finish to any non-ferrous metal or hard to stick surfaces such as porcelain, glass, Formica® (or laminates), baked on finishes or other non-porous surfaces.

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